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Backflow Protection, Leak Locate, Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Slab Leaks, Yard Leaks, Gas Lines, Hot Water Recirculating Systems, Water System Testing, Sewer System Testing, Smoke Testing, Commercial Repair, Water Leaks, Water Line Repair, Sewer Line Repair, Drain Cleaning, Camera Inspection, and Many More.

We fix Gas Lines

Natural gas can be a dangerous and costly part of a plumbing system in your home if improperly installed. It’s important to make sure your gas system is working safely. We commit to making sure all code requirements are up to date and working properly for your safety. Some of our gas services include: gas leaks, gas line installation, gas line augmentation, and more.

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We fix Sewer Lines

We provide regular sewer line maintenance to keep your lines moving and prevent problems before they occur. We also provide sewer line installation and repair. Some signs that your sewer lines have problems are: slow drains, mold, sewage backup or blockage, odors, lawn indentions, septic waste pools, foundation cracks, and pests. Schedule an appointment today!

We fix Water Leaks

With the average home using 80-100 gallons of water everyday, a neglected water leak could add hundreds of dollars to your monthly bill and potentially damage your home. A leak can damage a home’s walls, floors, causing rots, cracks in foundation, and mold and mildew. Trust Brother Plumber to get it fixed in no time!

We use Camera Inspection

Camera inspections provide accuracy on locating problems in your line. Using top of the line cameras for best results we can effectively find a break in your line, a backup, root penetration, or find that lost ring that fell down the drain. Call for a video inspection today!

We fix Drains

Got a clog, or just need routine drain maintenance? Brother Plumber offers a vast amount of services for you! Our drain cleaning services include: kitchen, bathroom, floor drains, outdoor drains, commercial, residential and commercial roof drains, and many more!

We fix Yard Leaks

One of the most common leaks a homeowner may face is a yard leak. Yard leaks may not be that obvious to detect because the service line is buried several feet below the ground in the yard or in the irrigation system. Since a yard leak may not be that easy to spot, here are a few signs to help determine if you have one, sudden spike in water bill, wet spots in your yard, lush patches of green in the grass. If you are experiencing any of these problems, call us today!

We fix Slab Leaks

Diagnosing early stages of slab leaks can be difficult. Your water bill could suddenly spike, mildew and moisture could build up under your flooring or small pools of water could form in your home. Brother Plumber can help detect if it’s a slab leak and further prevent foundational problems by providing solutions to prevent further problems.

We fix Water Heaters

The average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years. If your water heater is not delivering enough hot water, produces a leak, or has just stopped working and is not quite that old, your solution may just be to have it repaired. Maybe you would like a new water heater altogether. Brother Plumber provides service on all Electric, Gas, and Tankless water heaters. Call us to schedule service!

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